Face Mask Protection That Looks Good, #FashionFaceMasksUK

Activated Carbon Filter Fashion Face Masks

We think our fantastic new ranges of adults & kids 5 layer PM 2.5 activated carbon filter fashion face masks & face coverings are some of the best masks in the UK. Great styles for and colours with lots of fashion face mask choice. 

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Shipping to the UK is FREE if you spend over £15.00  on face masks and just £2.00 if you spend under £15.00           

 If you live OUTSIDE THE UK, Then please buy a top up here. You will pay a total of £6.50 gift card, fathers day, mothers day
Give Someone You Know A Fashion Face

Fashion Face Masks UK Gift Cards

Send a gift card to friends and family or buy it now for your future use. Great for making new friends and making old friends smile. Get Your Fashion Face On!                                                                                                          


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Fashion Face Masks, How to wear and take off a face mask

But What is a face mask, face covering or cloth?

x men face mask,

Face Mask

Face Coverings

Face Coverings

You may know the phrase 'face mask' or from a Hospital setting and you are right. a face masks fits on your face, covers your nose and month and is held in place by ear elastic 'Hospital' 'Surgical' masks serve a very different purpose to  'fashion face masks' they both protect you but at different levels. we do not recommend using or buying 'hospital type PPE' masks. please do not buy up stock, as this means our key workers can't obtain supply's. We do on the other hand recommend you buy activated carbon filter fashion face mask, face cloth or face coverings.., kids face masks

Face Coverings

Face Coverings

Face Coverings

What are face coverings? Well i'm sorry to disappoint you  but it just another name for a 'fashion face masks' its been used a lot on BBC News in recent weeks and refers to a 'Mask meant for general public'  a softer way if you like to say 'face masks' and we think is a good  idea as we are all going to have get used to these new terms and words to describe 'face masks' for 'Jo Public' lots of new styles are being sourced from around the world ready for the United Kingdom  to start wearing in the office or at the shops. 

fashion face masks uk

Face Cloth

Face Coverings

Face Cloth

Here we go again, depending what fashion TV channel you watch, 'Face Cloths' 'the word' has also been used to describe a fashion face masks for 'Jo Public'  although it does lend itself to a more 'design lead' face mask. made from more 'clothing' like material , maybe customized with lace a breads. keep an eye on our product pages as we start to look to source 'face cloths' 'face coverings with extra style and extra 'frilly bits'  we will of course make sure they have the carbon filtered element included in the design, otherwise you may as well wear nothing.